XP Deus pitch mode and Goldfield video

XP Deus metal detector testing pitch and Goldfield showing the advantages and set up.
The XP Deus is a fantastic metal detector***for FAQ click 'Show more' below*** It is small and lightweight yet a powerful deep seeker capable of finding coins and artefacts at impressive depth.

This video demonstrates on 2 modes of the XP Deus, there are many more options available within the menu.


Q.What metal detector were you using when you recorded this video?
A.XP Deus version 3.2.

Q. I'm thinking of taking up metal detecting as a hobby. Which metal detector would you recommend to me?
A. The Deus Ws4 is a great all round machine at a competitive price, also the ADX 150 is worth a look if you are on a tight budget.

Q. Do you sell XP metal detectors ?
A. No, I love demonstrating products and testing machines.

Q. Where can I get one of those spades you use ?
A. It is a lightweight post hole spade that has been cut down.

More XP information and programs can be found on a web site called the XP classroom, or why not join the Gary's Detecting Forum and talk with other XP users from around the world.


Originally posted 2018-11-20 07:06:52.